Saturday, August 2, 2008

clustrmap challege

Here's a challenge see if you can name all the cities/towns/countries that are in my clustrmap. The person with the most correct answers gets an imaginary chocolate fish and bragging rights.

P.S if you get the imaginary chocolate fish can make it as big as they like.


Roo said...

I'm going to look t the clustr map with smaller clustrs.

Australia: Adelaide
China: Hong Kong and Lanzhou
India: Mumbai, Amadabad and New Delhi or Delhi

That's enough for now.

Roo said...

Dang, he got all the ones I was going to say.

mojo said...

Wow roo you got alot

Roo said...

New Zealand: Auckland
Poland: Warsvawa
Italy: Roma or Napoli
France: Tour or Paris or Anger
United Kingdom: London
Malaysia: Putrajaya
Indonesia: Jakarta
Mexico: Tapachuta

I'll leave the USA for another time.

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