Saturday, April 12, 2008

The balloons

Last night the balloons went up unfortunately I missed most of it but got to see the awesome fire works there were lots of people there, I saw people leaving just when the fireworks started!

Did you go? How was it?


rosiegal said...

I was there last night!!! The balloons were awesome, It seems strange that people woul dleave just when one of the most interesting things were happening! I spose they wnated to get out of the carpark, but still! =o/

Roo said...

It was so awesome. The night glow went for 20 minutes. The fireworks had a cool disneyland effect.

mojo said...

I've actually seen the disney land fireworks they were magnificent

mudpies02 said...

Yeah, I went with rosiegal but I saw sherbet, marshall and candy cane there too! It does seem weird that people would be leaving in the most interesting part! The fireworks were BRILLIANT! The best I've seen since I went to Disneyland (and that was when I was 5!!) The night was loads of fun!