Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do you believe in the big bang theory?

Well if your wondering what's the big bang? It is what some scientists and me believe is how the universe began. Well the big bang is where all the matter and things are all jammed into one big thing and since kept crushing in on itself until it exploded into the thing we call the universe. But the bad side is that we think that the process is going to happen again :C. So if you aren't in any religion this is a scientific version of how life began.

Do you think this is true?


Roo said...

Yeah I believe so.

rosiegal said...

I dont, Im christian, and I totally 100% belive that god created the universe, but I respect others peoples believes too.

mudpies02 said...

No, I don't believe it's true, cos, like rosiegal, I'm christian, so I think God created EVERYTHING - not a big bang!!